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Stab victim who missed his GCSEs REFUSED extenuating circumstances request


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An A star student who missed his GCSE exams after being stabbed days before sitting them has been told he is to be held back a year because the exams board won’t accept his extenuating circumstances request to award him his predicted grades.

The sixteen year old boy who wishes to remain anonymous was stabbed in a random attack in a London park. The stabbing resulted in him losing part of his lung and consequently saw him unable to sit his exams due to his injuries.

Exam boards can award students their predicted grades if there are extenuating circumstances, however, the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) say in order for this to occur students must have completed at least 25 per cent of their course.

As this was not the case with the teenager in question, the student had his request refused. Helping to support him in his request were his head teacher, local MP and family who have all asked JCQ to reconsider their decision which they belive to be unfair.

In a statement a JCQ spokesperson said:  “We are sorry to hear of this knife attack and wish the student involved a full recovery.

“When candidates are unable to sit an examination because of illness or injury, to be fair to all students, exam boards need candidates to have completed 25 per cent of a GCSE or A Level in order to calculate what they might have achieved.

“In this instance the student was unable to complete 25 per cent of their GCSE exams. Therefore, the examination boards have offered to provide honorary awards that can be used with colleges, employers and universities to explain the circumstances involved.”

“Having a fair system is important and each year thousands of students are injured, suffer accidents, or diagnosed with an illness. Exam boards need sufficient evidence to make an award hence the 25 per cent threshold.”

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