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This university wants its students to sign drug-free contracts


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The University of Buckingham has requested that students sign a contract ensuring they refrain from taking narcotics whilst on university property, the first university in the UK to do so.

Vice-chancellor Sir Anthony Seldon made a statement criticising other universities for ‘failing students on drugs and mental health.'

This is in response to recently published statistics by The Sunday Times that show a 42 percent rise in students being disciplined for drug usage by their universities since 2015.

The university is proposing to introduce a contract which, if broken, will expel students from the university.

In a statement, Sir Anthony said that universities "need to shake themselves up and take more responsibility for students in their care."

This has sparked a debate as to the responsibilities of universities, are they ‘responsibile for students in their care’ or to create an environment where students can mature ‘without being mollycoddled?'

The latter is a stance taken by Mr Lloyd, an adviser on drug policy, and ex-member of the police force for the county of Cambridgeshire. He argues there are better ways to ensure the safety of university students, such as checking drugs before their usage.

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