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'Too many asians, brown ones' racist message found on university campus


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On Monday, a racist message was written across a library feedback board at Sheffield Hallam University.

Media student, Maisie Bithell, was leaving Adsetts Library with a friend when one of them pointed the message out. 

The following message was displayed on a library board asking students for feedback:

'We have extra staff in the quiet and silent study areas... Tell us how it's been working for you below."

In response, some students praised the increase of staff. However, one message left behind criticised the library for having "too many Asians" staff members, they further added "brown ones."

Speaking to TNS, Maisie told us that she tweeted the post to the university later that day. The university addressed the issue over social media after she contacted BME Officer Abdullah Mohammed.

"I was with my friends and we were just leaving the library when one of them pointed it out," she told us. 

"Someone mentioned wiping it off but before we did I decided to take a picture with the intention of sending it back to the uni later." 

The university has relocated the board so that its use can be monitored, they have also added some guidance on its use. 

A Sheffield Hallam University spokesperson said:

“Racism and hate speech are absolutely not welcome in our university community, and won't be tolerated. 
“No-one should be made to feel vulnerable, unwelcome or at risk. We continue to champion the importance of student safety, the code of behaviour and the fundamental right to respect and equality without prejudice."

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