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Oxford student defends herself against racial abuse after posting a video online


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On Monday, Oxford student, who goes by the name Varaidzo Kativhu online, received racist abuse on multiple YouTube videos that had been specifically created to tackle issues of race. 

The comments came predominantly from the user 'Mickey Mouse', who calls Miss Varz a  and threatens to 'lynch' her. These comments are from the student's discussion video titled, 'Is Oxford University Diverse? student perspective'. This video was published on the 11th January 2018, suggesting that the user is not a subscriber to Miss Varz and may have searched for other videos on the topic of race and diversity.

This video was created with the intention of raising awareness of diversity in elite institutions such as Oxford University. In the description of the video, she highlights the sensitivity of the subject to her viewers through a written disclaimer. 

This troll is not the only one that the Oxford student has had to encounter. Another comment comes from user 'Northern Light' on the video of Kativhu reviewing the book 'Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race'. Miss Varz is very positive and enthusiastic in her video; she raves about the books saying that she found it "very inspiring and empowering". However, in Northern Light's lengthy message they stated that "all people are more or less racist in the end."

Racist Comment on Miss Varz's Video

The Oxford undergraduate has received condolences from a number of notable Twitter users, including fellow YouTuber, Jade Bowler, who highlighted that the anonymity of the internet allows these trolls to "spew such vile words" with little if any, consequences. 

Speaking to The National Student, Kativhu told us that she reported the trolls and they were removed. 

Labour MP David Lammy apologised that Miss Varz was "having to put up with this" and that he was "so grateful for you doing what you do". 

Featured image courtesy of Miss Varz Youtube 

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