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Exeter law students joked about 'gang rape socials in South Africa' and 'buying blacks in bulk'


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Members of the University of Exeter's Bracton Law Society have been removed from the committee after screenshots of racist messages were shared online, including further jokes about raping drunk women. 

The images were originally posted to Facebook by Exeter law student Arsalan Motavali, who originally created the WhatsApp group for law students before he was allegedly removed as an admin by the General Secretary of Exeter's Bracton Law Society Matthew Bell.

Later on, more individuals were added into the chat and messages spiralled into racist hate comments. Motavali decided to remain in the group in order to collate evidence. 

The self-named group 'Dodgy Blokes Soc' sent messages calling for a race war and joked about "raping them lifeless again" in reference to female students.

"What's the worst part of having a daughter with cancer? You can't pull her hair when you rape her."

The downloaded messages show further jokes from the Bracton Law Society's General Secretary about gang-raping someone called Ciara.  

The group also joked about planning a South African gang rape social and "buying blacks in bulk."

They also called Muslims "sheep raping bumbaclarts in sandals." 

Motavali alleges that in a previous conversation, not screenshotted, that the current Bracton Law Society football co-captain Ash Chandraharan wished the "jabs had finished him" in reference to his classmate, Ikenna Onyebuchi, who had been stabbed earlier in the year.

Further screenshots reveal student Bailey Grant referencing the holocaust by wishing a happy "Holokkah."

The participants involved are named students Matthew Bell, who is a trainee solicitor at Hill Dickinson, Ash Chandraharan, the Bracton Law Society football co-captain and Alex Crawford, a pro-bono officer of Bracton Law Society and current campus rep for RPC.

The other named students are James Cranstone, a second-year Law student and Bailey Grant, a first-year Law student who is identified in the screenshots as the user with the number ending in 594.

The Bracton Law Society released a statement one hour ago confirming that all the committee members involved have been banned from competing in the upcoming elections and have been given a lifetime ban from the society.

The Students' Guild is investigating the matter. 

In his post, Arsalan writes that he stayed in the group chat to collect evidence:

"I did voice my concerns in the group, but went silent for a long time, rarely pitching in to help with exam advise or talk about football. I mainly stayed in the chat to collect evidence.

"I did not come out with it straight away due to pressures of third-year, consistent anxiety and worry of how to deal with the situation, so I just kept it to myself and distanced myself from university." 

Earlier today, Law firm Hill Dickinson confirmed that they have revoked their offer of employment to Matthew Bell.  

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