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Contrary to what you've read, King's College London has NOT decided on any refunds


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Articles published by The Times and The Tab claim that King's had confirmed that it would be compensating students for missed teaching hours. 

The Times went on to imply that a student had been offered a refund, this is not the case. 

The Time's article referred to an email sent to students by KCL's senior management in which Professor Nicola Phillips said that salary savings "will be ring-fenced as a fund which we can use to offset the impact of the strike on our students." 

the email adds that the university will "develop a mechanism for considering cases for any further compensation that may be warranted in light of cancelled classes."

However, compensation also includes non-monetary pay such as coursework extensions.

Some universities are campaigning for lost strike wages to be put into university mental health services or hardship funds thereby offsetting some of the impact and anxieties caused by the strikes. 

This was mistaken to mean financial compensation, the article claimed that King's was "saving money from striking lecturers’ salaries to refund students".  No decision has been made as of yet. 

In a statement to The National Student, a King's spokesperson said:

"How the ring-fenced fund will be allocated will be discussed with KCLSU  at the end of the industrial strike." 

King's also informed us that it was too early to provide any numbers regarding how much was saved in lost wages. 

The question of a refund comes after nearly 4,500 people at King's College London signed a petition calling on Principal Ed Byrne to publicly demand that Universities UK return to negotiations, and to issue a full tuition refund for each missed day of lessons. This petition is separate from any assumed plans to use the ring-fenced money for financial compensation, the petition organiser believes that the salaries will not be able to cover the costs of the refunds. 

Over 115,000 students across the country have signed petitions expressing solidarity with striking lecturers and demanding refunds for lost teaching time.

Universities UK is currently negotiating with UCU through conciliation service Acas to resolve the pensions dispute.

When asked whether King's had offered any refunds, KCLSU President Momin Sadiq replied that they had not. He gave the same answer when we asked whether King's had taken any decisions on a refund. 

KCLSU have been contacted for a statement

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