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Goldsmiths university called police on students and lecturers after they tried to deliver letters to the Warden


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Yesterday afternoon, Goldsmiths management called the police to deal with students and lecturers protesting outside the Warden's office in Deptford Town Hall.

As part of the protest, students wrote letters expressing their displeasure at their Warden's response to the ongoing UCU strike, which began earlier on Thursday.

Speaking to TNS, Robert Munton, a second year Education student present at the protest told us:

"It's a building students are entitled to be in, one I've had lots of seminars in personally. The Warden refused to come out and address students publicly as he has done throughout this process so we decided to stick it out and wait. The protest was entirely peaceful."

Munton claimed that a police officer informed protestors they had been called in response to an alleged case of assault.

Students were told that charges would not be pressed.

Police at the scene prevented students and lecturers from entering the building to deliver the letters.

Munton reported that the Warden had claimed he was scared of an occupation, and that one person was eventually allowed to deliver the letters. Many protesters left after the letters were delivered.The Warden was evacuated from the building. 

A spokesperson for Goldsmiths said:

"Police were briefly on campus following a report of an assault on a member of Goldsmiths' security team. The allegation was not pursued."

Featured image courtesy of Local Correspondent Matthew Ramsey

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