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Oxford history graduate is suing the university for £1 million because he did not get a First


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Oxford history graduate Fiaz Siddiqui is suing the university for £1million because he failed to receive a first class degree.

Siddiqui who took his finals in June 2000 said that “poor teaching” meant he lost the chance to become an international commercial lawyer after leaving Brasenose College.

Siddiqui received a low upper second degree and claims the teaching of his Indian Special subject course was “inadequate”.

He also believes that staff failure to report medical issues to examiners and missing professors on sabbatical leave were crucial to missing the first class result.

On Tuesday, His counsel Roger Mallalieu told the High Court that Mr Siddiqui was a “driven young man” and wanted to pursue a postgraduate qualification at an Ivy League university

Mallalieu added: “Whilst a 2:1 degree from Oxford might rightly seem like a tremendous achievement to most, it fell significantly short of Mr Siddiqui's expectations and was, to him, a huge disappointment”

Mallalieu added that his client’s employment history was “frankly poor” and he is now unemployed.

Julian Milford, representing Oxford University, told the High Court that Siddiqui had received the same amount of teaching as any other student. 

Oxford University denies claims of negligence and causation, they said Siddiqui’s claim of a lost career was “complete speculation and fanciful.” 

Oxford denies the accusation that staff failed to inform examiners about his depression and insomnia so his marks could be adjusted.  

The University further states that the only action at the time would be for examiners to award him the “proper class” and in Siddiqui’s case, that would have still been a 2.1 and not a first.


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