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Twitter user reveals little known hack students can use to get free NHS prescriptions


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A Twitter user has made a viral thread detailing how UK students can claim for free NHS prescriptions, optical and dental care.

All individuals with less than £16,000 capital in savings, investments or property are eligible to apply for the NHS Low Income Scheme, Jonathan Warner explains.

The majority of students, whose only income is from their student loan and who have no capital savings above the £16,000 threshold, will be eligible. 

If your application is accepted you will be granted free prescriptions as well as free optical and dental care.   

To make a claim for free healthcare all you have to do is simply fill in a HC1 form for a means tested evaluation and provide your student finance documentation as supporting evidence.

NHS prescriptions currently cost £8.60 per item while charges for a NHS dental appointment start at £20.60 and an NHS sight test is £21.31, meaning over the course of an average three years of study you could save yourself a lot of money by using this exemption.

Students who have already received NHS care which they have paid for may be eligble for a refund. Evidence must be submitted, however, and for a refund of a prescription you must have asked for a FP57 prescription receipt form at the point of issue.


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