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The University of Derby have blocked their adverts from appearing on MailOnline


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The University of Derby have announced they will be stopping their advertisements from appearing on MailOnline as the news site contains “'ontent which contradicts our values.'

One advert for postgraduate study at Derby was featured alongside the column by Sarah Vine titled: ‘If this hysterical Westminster witch hunt is what a world run by women looks like, count me out’.

Unhappy with the ad placement, Twitter user Rufus Westwood tweeted the university asking them not to 'fund their hate' by placing ads with MailOnline.

The university responded by saying they used “programmatic advertising” and would speak to their supplier to review where their ads were placed.

Derby later tweeted their decision to part ways with the tabloid:

“Having spoken with our supplier, we're unable to satisfactorily exclude our ads from all webpages containing content which contradicts our values. To ensure that one possible source of conflict is eliminated, we will be stopping our ads from appearing on MailOnline.”

This decision has been welcomed by many, including staff.

And Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain.  

Stop Funding Hate, a group which campaigns for advertisers to pull their support from newspapers whom they believe are responsible for 'using hate and division to drive sales,' have praised Derby’s actions.   

In a statement to The National Student, Stop Funding Hate’s founder Richard Wilson said:

“Derby University have made a brave and principled move, acting promptly to ensure that their online advertising does not fund content that fuels discrimination and division.

“With experts warning that the hate in our media has fuelled hate crime on our streets, and concerns being raised internationally about the behaviour of some UK newspapers, it is vital that universities ensure their advertising supports media outlets which show respect for everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexuality, rather than those that undermine this principle.

“Today's positive news follows the recent decision by Oxford University's Said Business School to pull their online ads from the Sun. As more and more organisations recognise the need to advertise ethically, UK universities have the chance to play a leading role in creating a fairer and more positive media.”

Stop Funding Hate began in August 2016 and has gone on to successfully campaign leading brands, such as Lego, to advertise more “ethically” by pulling their ads from newspapers “that spread hostility”.

The group is trying to persuade universities to review their ad placements and in support of this they are running a student film competition, encouraging students to start spreading love.

When contacted for a statement the University of Derby said: "We have nothing more to say on the issue other than what we posted on Twitter."

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