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We want to know about your experience of unpaid internships

23rd October 2017

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Today, a poll revealed that most people support a change in the law that would ban unpaid internships that last more than four weeks.

According to the Social Mobility Commission, three out of four people support the hypothetical legal change and four in five also believe work experience and internships should be advertised more formally than they are now.

The survey, of 5,000 adults, comes as a bill that could potentially put an end to unpaid internships of more than four weeks passes through the House of Lords.

Alan Milburn, a former Labour cabinet member and chair of the Social Mobility Commission, today called unpaid internships “a modern scandal which must end” and said that they cause employers to miss out on talent as well as putting those from low income families at a disadvantage.

Lord Holmes of Richmond, who proposed the bill, called unpaid internships “clearly discriminatory” and said that they hold the country back.

Whilst there is value in testing the waters before you commit to a career, there’s a difference between spending a week gathering experience in an office and spending six months being given real responsibility and not being compensated for it.

Of course, that’s without even starting on the unfairness of only those who can live at home or have their parents supporting them being able to take up opportunities in the first place.

We want to know about your experiences of unpaid internships. Angry and feel exploited about being expected to work for free? We want to know about it. Wholly supportive of unpaid internship culture because it’s given you a break in a wildly competitive industry? Your stories are important to us too.

Tell us anonymously in the below form, and feel free to rant as much as you like – there’s no judgement here!

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