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Transgender student launches campaign pushing for more gender neutral toilets in Swansea


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20-year-old student Louie Greenwood has launched a campaign calling for more gender neutral toilets in Swansea.

The campaign is pushing for gender neutral facilities that would have neither a male or female sign, making them accessible and comfortable for people who are transgender.

Louie, who was born a woman but identifies as male, started the campaign not only due to personal discomfort when using public toilets, but also because of other experiences he’d heard from the trans community.

“There are so many transgender people who have been abused in bathrooms both verbally and even physically,” he said. “Having gendered bathrooms forces non-binary people to chose a bathroom and therefore pick a binary gender” a process which Louie went on to say “erases their gender” as well as causing dysphoria and stress.

Working in collaboration with the charity group Fixers, Louie has also designed a sign for gender neutral facilities so that businesses can advertise their bathrooms to those who need them.

Credit: Wales Online

Stephen Whittle, the founder of the transgender activism group ‘Press for Change’, has praised Louie’s campaign, stating that gender neutral toilets would “reduce bathroom misuse, from graffiti to bullying”. He also stated that gender neutral toilets, if brought into schools, would be of benefit to all kids, not just those who are transgender.

Louie hopes that his campaign can serve not only to increase the number of gender neutral toilets available but also to make people more aware of the struggles that trans-people go through in general. “I think that my project will help trans people feel safer when they go out as they know that those places are a safe place for them”.

When asked whether he had any plans to spread the campaign throughout the UK, Louie said: “It would be amazing to go nationwide everything has to start somewhere and I think this is a great place to start.”

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