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This guy sent his graduation pictures to the wrong number and got the best response


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Justin Campbell didn’t quite get the response he expected after sending his graduation photos to the wrong number.

The 23 year old was trying to send some pictures of himself and his friend’s graduation from the Coastal Carolina University, but they ended up being delivered to a wrong number.

Usually, Campbell would have received a ‘wrong number’ reply and that would be that, but the recipient of the photos, real estate agent Roger Hawkins from Columbia, South Carolina, had other ideas.

Hawkins instead replied with an ecstatic looking selfie and then proceeded to send congratulations to Campbell, sending him a link for some motivational speeches.

This unexpected response saw Campbell take to Twitter saying that Hawkins’ response “really made me smile”.

The story gets better however as Campbell, in taking what happened to Twitter, accidentally revealed Hawkins' phone number. As a result, fans of the estate agent have messaged him with selfies of their own.

Hawkins, who described himself as a “pretty easy going guy”, doesn’t seem to be bothered by the flood of messages he’s receiving, however, and has started to reply to those showing appreciation.

Surprisingly, Hawkins and Campbell have both said they’d be willing to occasionally keep contact with one another.

Hawkins has expressed that he’d “love to, like, see what he [Campbell] does” whereas Campbell also has stated the exchange gave him the impression that Hawkins is “really a good dude” and that “he’s open to hitting him up every now and then to see how he’s doing”.

Regardless of whether they ever speak again, Campbell and Hawkins' accidental exchange has been an odd yet clearly cheery encounter nonetheless.

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