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Physics student hides exam answers under her nails


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A Reddit user is gaining attention for her post, entitled “Nailed the exam”, in which she revealed secret exam answers hidden behind her falsies.

Blood_Reaper’s post displays a picture of her nails with tiny pieces of paper taped to the inside containing answers for her physics exam.

The comment section contained somewhat mixed reactions. Some praised her innovation as a creative way of cheating on an exam, while others thought she could have just studied instead of going through this effort. But many users had witty comments to make in response.

A user called Poemi commented: “It was all going perfectly, until Blood_Reaper waved goodbye to the professor...”

Another user, MarkoftheDragon12, disagreed, saying: “And just think, the amount of time and effort to painstakingly attach those little bitty cheat-sheets could have gone into actually learning the material...”

One user, TooShiftyforYou was concerned about her getting caught, stating: "Well you didn't ace it, right? Gotta miss a couple on purpose to throw them off."

User black_flag_4ever noted: "You must have good eyesight."

Whether it was innovative or a waste of time, hopefully Blood_Reaper did well on her exam.


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