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University of Lincoln named cheapest overall university in the UK


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 A recent study has found that Lincoln is the most affordable university town.

Attending university can be extremely expensive, but some institutions and towns are much more purse-friendly than others. A recent study conducted by has laid out statistics for prospective students to see what the real cost of living in different university towns is, as well as for current students to see how their universities rank.

And out of the top fifty universities in the UK, Lincoln came out on top in affordability.

The rankings are based on the costs of rent, travel passes, gyms, cinemas, pints, meals and taxi rides. Lincoln has a weekly rent of £118.80 and a travel pass for £30.00.

You can also see a film at the cinema for £8.00 and get a pint for just £3.10. A taxi ride home will cost you a mere £0.93 per kilometre.

Food-wise, students can get a kebab for £5.25 and a meal out for two comes to just £40.00. Then you can work off the kebabs at the gym for £12.50 per month. All around, Lincoln offers a manageable cost of living for its students.

Following Lincoln, Strathclyde and Cardiff rounded out the top three cheapest university towns. Cardiff even has the top spot for cheapest cinema tickets at £6.50 each. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, London remains the most expensive place for university students, as last year’s study also showed. Nine of the ten most expensive universities are in London, with Imperial College ranking at number fifty.

Rent increases to £182.00 per week at Imperial, although this is not as expensive as King’s College with rent at £232.33 per week. Going out for a pint will cost you £4.50.

Students of University of Lincoln are probably pretty happy with their choice of university. And if you are still trying to figure out the right university for you, this list might help.

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