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Student fights the myth that 'weight loss equals happiness' with before and after post


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Amie Wiley, a student from County Clare, Ireland, has posted before and after pictures of her weight gain in a bid to get the message out that weighing less does not equal happiness or better health.

In 2013, Wiley weighed 8st 9lb and had a strict diet of low calories and minimal carbs and protein. Now, she weighs 10st 9lb and has a balanced diet of protein, carbs and unsaturated fats, as well as working out five times a week.

She regularly posts about her fitness journey on Instagram, where she has almost nine thousand followers.

In this before and after post on Instagram, which received over 5,000 likes, Wiley talks about transforming “from skinny to strong” and saying she much prefers “stronger Amie to skinny Amie."

Happy #transformationtuesday my loves  when I told you that I used to be so skinny with matchsticks legs I was not lying  I genuinely used to be so skinny it was crazy  so here's my 4 year transformation. From skinny to strong  #gainingweightiscool I couldn't be happier with how I currently am looking and I much prefer stronger Amie to skinny Amie  also can we appreciate the over filtered before picture  back in the bebo stunnah days when filters were very very overused  anyways I shall leave this here! Picture 1: a skinny Amie who over did it on the cardio and ate very little VS Picture 2: a stronger Amie with much more muscle, who lifts weights and that eats much more food! (Carbs have my heart ) HAVE A GREAT EVENING ALL

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Talking to the Mail Online, Wiley discussed liking the idea of “being toned and leaner and not just being the skinny girl.”

Wiley added that she tries to not leave food that she loves out of her diet, stating: “If I want a chocolate bar, I will have it. It’s good to treat yourself every once in a while, but I make sure I don’t wander off track and I eat in moderation."

She has encouraged others to go to the gym and to get involved in a healthy lifestyle like hers, adding that “everyone that goes to the gym is there to better themselves, so don’t be afraid and just go for it.”

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