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Teenage Grenfell Tower survivor takes GCSE exam in pyjamas morning after blaze

15th June 2017

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A 16-year-old Grenfell Tower survivor has spoken about how she took her GCSE chemistry exam the morning after the blaze, still dressed in her pyjamas from the night before.

Image: Alessandro Mascellino

Ines Alves, whose home on the 13th floor of Grenfell Tower was completely destroyed in Tuesday night’s fire, had been revising for the next morning’s exam when her father altered his family to the situation.

Ines, her father Miguel, mother Fatima and brother Tiago, a physics student at King's College London, then escaped the building.

They spent the night with family friends and were told that their home had been destroyed at 3am.

Ines hopes to study chemistry at A-level and was determined to still sit her exam despite her school already saying she didn’t need to, according to Tiago.

Ines told Metro how the night unfolded: “As the fire was still small, it had just started so it wasn’t major at that point, I grabbed my phone and my Chemistry notes and we fled.

“I was trying to revise while we waited downstairs. I didn’t think that I would never be going back home.”

She added: "I’m devastated that my house burnt down but even more devastated at the amount of people who died."

She thinks her exam went “ok”, according to Metro.

The family are now staying with friends and family members and are waiting for Kensington and Chelsea council to contact them with regards to their living situation.

At least 17 people died in the Grenfell Tower fire, which started in the early hours of Wednesday morning and quickly took hold of the 24-storey tower block.

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