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81% of students think this one weird thing made them do worse in their exams


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81% of students think hayfever may have adversely affected their exam results, according to a recent poll by Superdrug.

In addition, 85% of those surveyed also reported that hayfever symptoms affected their attention span during exam season while 59% said that hayfever had affected their exam revision. 

Commenting on the effects of hayever on student performance, Dr. Pixie McKenna, acting in her role as Superdrug's Health and Wellbeing Ambassador, noted that "not treating allergies at this time of year can potentially affect exam grades", adding that "stopping that recurrent sneeze will not only save your exam paper from splatters and avoid time wasting through endless nose blowing, it will also mean you are less of an annoyance to your peers!"

Given the clear advice that planning ahead and treating hayfever ahead of exams can limit the possible effects on results, it seems surprising that 18% of students suffers admitted to not treating symptoms as soon as they appear, instead delaying buying medication to “some point” in the future.

However Allen Webb, Superdrug’s Head of Commercial Healthcare, warned agaisnt this form of last minute treatment by adding that "people mostly think about the impact of hayfever when they’re wanting to enjoy a day outdoors, but unfortunately allergies can impact all aspects of life, such as interfering with exams.”

Indeed over the exam period Webb reported a 77% increase in the sales of hayfever relief and allergy products, but advised that “planning in advance can be better” in combating the negative effects on exam results.

Ultimately, with such a wide range of treatments now available, ranging from eye drops and nose sprays to more conventional anti allergy-tablets, there really is no excuse to let pollen ruin your exam prospects.

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