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This high school turned their principal into a Spongebob meme


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Students from Willis High School in Texas turned their principal into a Spongebob meme and hung it in the cafeteria. 

12th grader Chris Kolev came up with the idea whilst his friend Hayley Hirschfield tweeted the image: 


Speaking to The National Student, Hayley said:

"We will not walk across the stage at graduation if we do a senior prank, but we will still get a diploma.

"Our first prank was forking the entire high school grounds and making things in our fence out of red solo cups. It's something you do to a neighbour but we decided to do it to the school.

"We had other pranks planned for tonight, but out of respect for the Willis High School staff members, we decided not to do them."

For those who do not hail from the US, yard forking is simply sticking forks into grass.

"Everyone thought it was great, even our principal that was featured in the meme! He said he was going to keep it in his office forever. He's always been a good guy about stuff like this and he so sweet and awesome."

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