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A new campaign is demanding employers give students interview feedback


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A new campaign is demanding employers give students interview feedback is about to launch.

Careers app Debut is launching the campaign next week, in hopes of benefitting young people in the job search.

The national petition is already live, and Debut’s #FightForFeedback campaign begins on Monday 15th May.

The campaign seeks to urge the government to make it a legal requirement for employers to share feedback with candidates who have been granted a face-to-face interview.

Debut’s decision to launch the campaign comes after it compiled research that revealed 83% of job candidates who had previously attended a face-to-face interview received no feedback from the employer.

“Feedback is powerful, and anyone who takes the time to attend an interview is entitled to it,” Charlie Taylor, CEO and founder of Debut, says.

“There has been a real shift in the role played by the candidate and the employer during an interview in the last decade, with candidates moving into the ascendency and the panel grilling being replaced by the chemistry session approach.”

The research also discovered that the average cost of attending a face-to-face interview is £41 when factoring in travel, new clothing and dry cleaning.

51% of those polled admitted that they had to take a day’s annual leave from their jobs, which is an average of £117 in lost wages on top of the £41, based on the current average daily wage.

Several global employers have already come out in support of Debut’s campaign, including O2, Fujitsu, Network Rail, the FDM Group and Capgemini. The petition has almost 600 signatures at this point and has made rounds on student social media accounts.

"Feedback is vital for a candidate's progression - without it, they may struggle to secure that next opportunity,” Melissa Amouzandeh, Network Rail’s Emerging Talent Acquisition Manager, says in the report.

"It's the responsibility of the employer to share feedback, not only to help the candidate develop, but also in the interest of the UK workforce - good quality feedback reduces the time it takes for candidates to secure a position of employment, and also reduces the time it takes to find the right person for the role. This campaign is win-win for all involved."

Debut found that 42% of candidates would prefer feedback via email, 24% in person, 14% via social media messaging, 10% via phone and 6% via WhatsApp.

“It’s now time that employers saw the holistic value in giving feedback – it will have a positive impact on the quality of candidates in the future; it will cut down the time it takes to find the right person, and eventually the UK workforce will benefit as more people will be in employment,” Taylor says.

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