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Abortion rights, mental health and climate change amongst 20 motions passed at NUS Conference


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After a late night of "campaigning" (aka an excuse for a party), delegates at the NUS Conference were in for a day of motions debating and elections on Wednesday.

Starting at 9am may have seemed difficult for those that took advantage of the election parties, but campaigners were up early to make sure delegates didn't enter the conference floor without being bombarded with leaflets.

The activities on conference floor were made up of motion debtates for welfare and society and citizenship zones, as well as the report by the nations and various steering committees. The day was interjected by elections and results for the six full time officers.

Motions Passed:

Motion 509: Fight Climate Change!
Motion 508: Pay Inequality in Higher Education and Employment Rights of University Staff
Motion 506: NUS supporting the Abortion Rights Campaign for free, safe and legal abortion in Ireland and NI
Motion 505: Strengthening the student voice
Motion 503: Defend migrants and support free movement
Motion 502: Placements, Apprenticeships and Education for Good
Motion 501: Brexit means Brexit or so we’re told (amended)
Motion 413: Dual GP Registration for Students
Motion 412: It's Time To Combat Anti-Semitism
Motion 411: Housing
Motion 410: NHS Bursaries
Motion 409: It Stops Here/ Sexual Violence
Motion 408: Ticket to Ride
Motion 407: Mental Health First Aid
Motion 406: Mental Health: A Culturally Competent Framework (amended)
Motion 405: Student Mental Health
Motion 404: Online Harassment
Motion 403: Hate Crime
Motion 402: Mental Health and Hardship (amended)
Motion 401: We Do not comply: Preventing Prevent

Motions Fallen:

Motion 507: Right to Protest Safely.

During the financial estimates report, a challenge was made by the postgraduate campaign. After their committee was dissolved last year, the postgraduate campaign asked for an increase in their budget. However, due to the extra money being taken from other campaign budgets, this was overwhelmingly voted down.

Current VP Society and Citizenship, Robbie Young, was also subjected to a vote of censure. The conference voted not to censure Robbie, in what rumours on Twitter referred to as a 'political move' to damage Robbie's re-election campaign.

However, if this rumour were true, it did not seem to have any impact on his campaign as he went onto become the 2017 VP Society and Citizenship elect.

He was just one of five members of the 'Organised Independents' faction. Earlier in the day Shakira Martin won the role of NUS President, beating current President Malia Bouattia in the first round.

After lunch Izzy Lenga was elected VP Welfare, Emily Chapman won the place of VP FE and Amatey Doku was elected as VP HE.

The final full time officer position of VP Union Development went to Ali Milani, despite Grange having the backing of outgoing VP Union Development Richard Brooks. The new FTO will take up their posts on 1st July.


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