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Gender pay-gap Bake Sale reported as a hate crime


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The University of Essex's Feminist Society has been reported for carrying out a hate crime. What was this hate crime? Charging women and non-binary people 82p for a cake and charging men £1 for the same product at a wage-gap awareness bake sale. 

In an attempt to highlight the gender pay gap the cakes at a bake sale were priced accordingly. As women earn on average 18% less than men, the cakes were 18% cheaper for women. 

The Fem Soc's group bake sale was in order to raise money for the Young Women's Trust. This charity helps young women aged 16-30 who live in poverty. The gender pay gap bake sale is approved by the company's CEO as it highlights the unfairness of the pay gap.

Leaflets were also distributed around the university campus highlighting the bake sale and the inspiration behind it. 

However, not everyone seems to think it's a great idea. The society received a considerable amount of resistance on Facebook and someone even went as far as to report it as a hate crime. Some complaints have said that it is discriminatory and that there is no real proof of the gender pay gap, and a complaint was made to the Essex University's Hate Incident Reporting Centre.

The society remains unfazed by the backlash against their bake sale and has said that any complaints about the fairness of the situation were ironic. On their Facebook Page, they have since advised anyone offended by the bake sale to donate to the Young Women's Trust directly. 


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