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Pro-Palestine events cancelled at universities across the UK


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Several pro-Palestine events have been cancelled at6 universities across the country.  

28th Feb - 6th March is Israeli Apartheid Week, consisting of a series of events worldwide hoping to raise awareness of the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

This week a street theatre performance, organised by students from the University of Exeter's Friends of Palestine, was cancelled. The university has stated that this was not an issue of free speech and was cancelled because the proposed location is very busy and used by many students and staff as a route to get between classes.

They have also pointed out that events scheduled for later in the week at other locations have not been cancelled.

However, a spokesperson for the society has been quoted as saying that they are being directly censored by the university.

The play was set to mimic a checkpoint where students dressed as Israeli soldiers would treat volunteer students as they would Palestinians as they attempted to pass through. 

The event was set to occur on Monday afternoon and an appeal to have the event rescheduled, made by the Friends of Palestine Society, has since been rejected.

Elsewhere, an event scheduled to be held at the University of Central Lancashire has also been cancelled. The event, Debunking Misconceptions on Palestine and the Importance of Boycott Divestment and Sanctions, was organised by the University's Friends of Palestine Society.

The university has released a statement stating that this event would have violated the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's definition of antisemitism. 

A later statement said that the students had not alerted the authorities of the event with enough time, which led to its cancellation - and that they will be working with the society to allow future events as long as they do not make students feel unsafe. 

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