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Here’s how much graduates are earning 5 years after leaving uni


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A recent report by the Department of Education, analysed by, has given an insight into the lives of graduates from the year 2008/09, particularly in relation to their further study, career achievements, and what they were earning five years after leaving university.

While 79% of female 2009 grads were in further study and/or sustained employment by 2014, the percentage of male graduates was slightly lower at 76%.

Despite this, when analysing median salary within those five years, women earned £3,000 less than men. 

Taking a closer look at earnings, something that is evermore important for graduates with still rising tuition fees, it was found that former medicine and dentistry students earned the most after five years, with an average of £46,500.

Following this were economics graduates with £37,500 and those of veterinary science with £36,500. Creative arts and design students fell much lower on the table, with earnings of £22,000, with mass communication and documentation graduates only marginally above them with £22,500.

However, in terms of difference between salary in certain fields, it found that economics graduates had a highest earning of £52,000 but a lowest of £27,000: that’s a £25k difference. In contrast, vetinerary science had the lowest difference between the two, with the highest being £40,500 and lowest being £29,500: a difference of £11k.

Focusing on subject area, the highest number of graduates in further study and/or employment studied biological sciences at a percentage of 81.1%, closely followed by education graduates at 80.9% and mathematics at 80.7%.

In contrast, the report found that creative arts and design graduates were the least likely to continue into further study or employment, coming in at 71.5%.  

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