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Edinburgh students support making universities more inclusive of people of colour


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Students at the University of Edinburgh have voted for delegates to carry a motion to the NUS Scotland conference in March calling for universities to be more inclusive for people of colour. 

Polls were open on the 8th and 9th February, during which time 468 students voted, with an overwhelming 421 in favour of the motion.

The motion wants NUS Scotland to lobby Scottish universities to be more inclusive of people of colour both in their curriculums and in their teaching bodies.

In terms of university curriculums, the motion argues that they should be more diverse and inclusive of people of colour, including more scholars of colour in reading lists. It also states that NUS Scotland should lobby universities to provide courses based on race and/or ethnicity.

In terms of their teaching bodies, the motion wants NUS Scotland to campaign for an increase in non-white university tutors and lecturers, in particular for courses such as Black Studies, which the motion states should be organised and taught by mainly academics of colour.

Students Diva Mukherji and Sophie B Alal put the motion forward for the University of Edinburgh to submit to NUS Scotland conference in March.

When universities submit motions to NUS conferences (either NUS Scotland or NUS UK) this is presented for all NUS delegates at the conference to vote on, and mandates the NUS to take action for whatever the motion is arguing. 

The motion "Making Universities More Inclusive of People of Colour" was put to a referendum as a result of its failure to pass at a Student Council meeting on 2nd February.

New voting rules at Edinburgh mean that actions which are supported by 33 to 66% of attendees must be put to the student body in an online ballot.

It was supported by a number of Edinburgh NUS delegates as well as Edinburgh Students’ Association Liberation Convenors.      

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