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Which countries are the cheapest for UK students to study in?


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While, in many ways, the world seems to currently getting smaller it is well worth considering broadening your horizons by taking your studies overseas.

The crucial question is usually, ‘where can I afford to study?’

Fortunately, currency company Fairfax have created a tool to work out where will be the cheapest to study. For UK students the answer is Germany.

University of Bonn

(University of Bonn, Germany)

The tool not only shows you what an average year’s tuition will cost, but also the average living costs in order to help students make sure they can afford to eat and sleep in their new country.

With an average tuition fee of £332 and average living cost of £6,374, studying abroad in Germany costs less than a year’s tuition at a UK institution.

In fact, German institutions occupy six of the ten spots on the ranking of best value universities to study at, including the University of Bonn and the University of Mannheim.

Other European countries included in the top ten include Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Spain and Luxembourg.  

If you wish to study somewhere further afield than Europe, the cheapest places to do so are South Africa and Taiwan, costing £7,917 and £7,962 respectively.

Honestly, studying abroad has never seemed so appealing.

In stark comparison, it comes as no surprise that the USA ranks as the most expensive country to study abroad. Including tuition costs, a year in America will set you back on average £49,195, with Ivy League, Columbia University topping the list of the 200 most expensive places in the world.

If studying abroad is something you are considering, the free International Student Admissions Service can help you through the process of finding and securing the right course at the right university.

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