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This is the most burgled uni city in the country


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New research has revealed that the most burgled university city in England is: Manchester.

The research, conducted by and, looked at the number of burglaries that had taken place within a one-mile radius of each university during 2016.

Manchester had a staggering 822, followed by Leeds with 799 and Sheffield with 706.

The University of Durham had the lowest number of burglaries, with only 96 within a one-mile radius.

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The research also included a nationwide survey of students, focussing on their attitudes to burglary and security.

It´s no revelation that student residential areas are regularly targeted by thieves, who know that students tend to be lax when it comes to safety. But a shocking 64% admit to leaving their electronics and wallets out in plain sight in their home, and 59% confessed they didn´t bother to check windows were shut before going out.

Although university security services give all incoming first years safety talks on how to avoid such incidents, it´s obvious that a lot of the information isn´t sinking in. One student told us:

“When I was in first year the flat below me was broken into during Christmas – it was horrible. They got in through an open window and kicked their way into all the locked bedrooms. One girl had left her laptop there so she lost everything.

“We were given a talk by our security officers when we first arrived but they were on the first floor so just ignored it because they thought it would be okay.”

For the full research and more quotes from students go to: 

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