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The "most unhealthy" uni in the country has been revealed


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Students at Plymouth University are the most likely to consume fast food - or at least, the most likely to be tempted by fast food outlets as soon as they leave campus.

Research into 25 major universities across the UK has logged the number fast food outlets within a one-mile radius of each campus. 

Plymouth had 33 fast food outlets within one mile, closely followed by the University of Leeds and of Edinburgh, which both had 31 outlets within one-mile. 


David, a student at Plymouth University, says: "I was so looking forward to going to university, but when I got there, reality hit me like a train. At home my mum cooked and shopped for me, so I was really dependent on her.

"Here at university, I am struggling - I can barely cook and have no idea what I am doing.

"With a lot of fast-food outlets located around the university, most days I find myself eating cheap fast-food."

The research was conducted by

Students also revealed that the most popular fast-food items consumed were burgers, chips, kebabs and pizza. 

The universities of Durham, Birmingham and Derby all came last, with only six fast-food outlets within a one-mile radius of each university. 

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