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Liverpool student society barred for 'drug-rape comedy'


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A university society has been disaffiliated after a play script ended with a character being drugged and then raped.

Liverpool Medical Students' Society (LMSS) proposed the script for a concert at the University of Liverpool, which also mocked the anti-rape phrase "no means no".

Two of the characters were named Miss Sluttypenny and James Bondage in the script, which was written for the LMSS annual concert and immediately sparked student anger. One student tweeted: "What have I just read? Gross below the line comments, rape jokes and general idiocy."

The society also came under fire from Guild/students' union administrators for failing to follow financial regulations and for hosting a men's dinner and a women's dinner, with the Guild labelling them "gender segregated events."

The university and Guild said LMSS didn't "engage fully with this process and continued to promote gender segregated events to its members."

But the society hit back, with a letter printed by student paper The Sphinx refuting the claims made about engagement and complained the Guild didn't give adequate time to respond to the investigation.

The society will no longer be able to use Guild or university services.

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