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Arms companies banned from Edinburgh careers fairs


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Edinburgh students will no longer see arms companies at their career fairs.

Hannah Roques, the motion speaker, has accused science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) students of being over-represented at career fairs and that removing arsm companies would give space to other students.

However, Sam Henderson from the school of physics said that arms firms are vital in securing internships and placeements leading onto graduate jobs.

The proposer clarified that ban companies included any that dealt in arms, even as only part of their business model.

The motion passed 45-20 with five absetntions. That represents 70 students out of the total electorate of 33,609, or one vote for almost every 500 students.

Speaking to Edinburgh student paper The Student, Roques said: "I’m a little surprised it was as controversial as it was. I would have hoped less people voted against it."

The main opposition speaker Henderson said: "It’s a long and winding trail if they do ban because there’s lots of unethical companies and unethical divisions of companies; you could ban investment companies."


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