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Which university breeds the most psychopaths*?

12th May 2015

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*Or people that believe that they might be psychopaths, at least.

In a slightly chilling twist on the usual league tables, Student Money Saver has created a ranking of which universities are home to students who might class themselves as psychopaths.

Dispensing with questions concerning student satisfaction and academic quality, the money saving website asked over 1,000 students to rate the statement “I think I might be a psychopath.”

The top performing (if you can call it that...?) university was Eastman Dental Institute, part of University College London’s Faculty of Medical Sciences.

Scary. But even scarier when we reveal that 100% of respondents at the Institute “strongly agreed” with the statement.

Erm, yikes. We know that wannabe dentists might be a little bit sadistic, but we couldn’t have predicted this...

One anonymous dentist wasn’t surprised by the result, though, and told Student Money Saver: “I thought it was obvious that a dental institute would contain the most psychopaths. Why else would they apply?”

Well, it’s a good question.

Overall, only 6.13% of respondents strongly agreed that that might have psychopathic tendencies – so we’re not quite sure what’s going wrong in UCL’s dental department.

Other universities where students have a tendency towards psychopathy include St George’s, University of London, and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS.)

So. It doesn't look like the University of London is doing too well here... 

Maybe it’s a feeling that’s stronger amongst students across the capital, though - London Metropolitan University, Chelsea College of Art and Design, the University of Westminster and the University of East London also had students that would describe themselves as possibly being a psychopath.

Strangely, of all those surveyed 17% believed that they might be a psychopath – despite the estimation that only 1% of the population actually is one.

We don’t know why this is –maybe because of the influence of pop psychology, or because of recent TV and media chatter about psychopathy? Or maybe just because the twice daily nightmare of the tube is making London students feel like they want to murder everyone they come across? (We couldn’t blame them.) Or because of the enduring legacy of Patrick Bateman?

No idea, although we’d remind people that being a psychopath is probably not something to take lightly. Anyway, here are the ten most likely psychopathic universities in full...

10) Teesside University

9) University of East London

8) University of Westminster

7) Buckinghamshire New University

6) Chelsea College of Art and Design

5) University of Ulster

4) London Metropolitan University

3) School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

2) St George's, University of London

1) Eastman Dental Institute

At the other end of the scale, the students least likely to admit that they feel a bit like a psycho are those at the universities of Keele, Dundee and Cumbria. So students around those parts can probably sleep a bit more comfortably than those in London.

See the full results from Student Money Saver here.


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