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Half of single students disappointed after failing to pull on nights out

12th February 2015

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  • 52% of single students have left a night out disappointed after failing to talk to someone they’d had their eye on
  • 69% of students have kissed someone on a night out
  • More than one in three have slept with someone they met in a bar or club
  • Results come from The National Student’s Valentine Day Dating Survey, in association with Checkr, the brand new bar and nightclub app for singles.


Missed opportunities are rife amongst single students on nights out, with over half going home disappointed after failing to score with someone they’d had their eye on.

Whilst 52% of single students admit that they’ve wished a person they’d been eyeing up had dared to approach them during their night out, 46% were disappointed because they did have an interaction – but didn’t see the person again that night.

Whether it’s because you went on to another club, had to take home that one hopelessly drunk friend, or just because you couldn’t track down that person again before lights-up - guys, we feel your pain.

The National Student surveyed 542 UK students (43% of whom said that they were single) in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, along with Checkr, the newly launched nightlife app for singles.

We also found that 46% have left a night out disappointed because they didn’t dare approach someone they had their eye on (not to sound too #yolo here, but we think you should really start to seize the moment on this.)

The same number wished they’d had a chance to swap numbers after meeting someone they found attractive on a night out.

Maybe these missed connections are why only 15% of single students say they’re likely to meet people they have chemistry with in a bar or club.

Instead, most are more likely to click with people after either meeting through mutual friends (31%) on their uni course (20%.)

We think this means a boost is needed to put some momentum back into students’ nights out.

After all, come exam time you’ll be locked in the library at midnight longing for the lost days when you were allowed to socialise - so it’s probably advisable that you make the most of your happy singleness right now. 

In terms of, erm, 'behaviour' on nights out, the survey found that 39% of all respondees have been on a date with, 69% have kissed and 34% (more than one in three) have slept with someone they met in a bar or club.

Checkr, which is available to download now, automatically checks you in to whichever bar or club you’re in, and the next day allows you to see and chat to the other people that were there too.

The app is designed to stop single people missing out on reconnecting once their night out is over.

It sounds like a pretty good way to banish those post-night out blues to us.

Checkr is available to download on the App Store and from Google Play now.

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