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30 pieces of #AdviceForYoungJournalists that everyone starting out in this game needs to follow

10th February 2015
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Twitter has been blowing up with advice for those who want to make it in the extremely harsh and competitive world of media this morning, with the #AdviceForYoungJournalists hashtag sitting pretty at the top of our trends list ever since we arrived at our desks.

Whilst a lot of successful twitter hashtags that claim to offer ‘advice’ are in reality more of barrage of insults/vague hilarity, we had a quick look a this one and decided that, actually the #YoungJournalists in question could probably benefit from its wise musings.

With this in mind, we grabbed 30 of the most pertinent pieces of hashtag advice we could find and collected them here in our gallery. That way, you can spend more time creating interesting and thought provoking copy, rather than endlessly scrolling through, and then refreshing, your twitter feed.

And that, we’d like to point out, is the most valuable piece for #Advice a #YoungJournalist could ever be given.  

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