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What are the 10 most ridiculous student loan purchases?

16th January 2015

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You know how it is – after months of scrimping, once your bank account is bolstered by your loan it can feel like the optimum time to go on an out of control shopping spree.

Whilst your post-loan splurge might lead you as far as Topshop, though, spare a thought for those who really just took it too far.

The person, for example, who came home with a life-sized statue of Nicolas Cage. Or the one who blew their rent money on, erm, a robe once belonging to a monk. Scary...

If you are one of these people - let’s hold off on complaining about how your loan doesn’t go far enough, ok? No student, honestly, needs to create a gourmet Wednesday night dinner of kangaroo steaks.

Alongside kangaroo steaks, adventurous wannabe chefs have also invested in ostrich meat and sausage machines.

One in five of you lie to your parents about where your loan money has disappeared to, too, and if this is what you’re spending it on we can’t say we wouldn’t do the same thing.

Here are ten examples of ridiculous things that students have spent their loan money on, according to the personal finance service Money Dashboard:

1. A bust of Elvis Presley

2. An elephant’s foot umbrella stand

3. A life-size statue of Nicolas Cage

4. Decorative swords

5. A monk’s robe

6. Kangaroo steaks

7. A giant inflatable bat

8. Krill oil

9. A Newton’s cradle

10. A ceramic owl

Decorative swords. Now that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

It’s not just celebrity icons and (we hope) fancy dress costumes that you’re spending your loan on, though. Alongside the giant bats and bananas, rubber ducks and cuddly toy tigers, students are also investing in pets – including cats, hamsters, geckos, snail aquariums, turtles and tortoises, which have all been bought as study companions.

Remember guys, please: a snail aquarium is for life, not just for Christmas.

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