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Gulp... here's what your alcohol of choice looks like in calories

21st November 2014

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Annoyingly, despite the fact that they generally come in glasses and not in containers spelling out their health risks in startling traffic light format, the calories that exist in alcohol do count. We’re very, very sorry about this. Believe us, we are.

According to British Military Fitness (BMF), 66% of those aged 18-24 admit that they exercise less over the winter, whilst 83% also say that they eat more – hardly surprising, when the cold is drawing in and the mulled alcohol is flowing.

It’s likely that you’ll feel the effect of increased alcohol consumption over the winter months especially, as (based on the evidence above) it’s likely to come in line with increasingly hearty portions of food and a complete lack of motivation to go to the gym.

BMF also found that men suffer from this affliction more than women during winter, with the average man putting on between two and four pounds.

On Christmas Day the average person consumes a whopping 6,000 calories (that’s three times the guideline daily amount for an adult female) – and if your house is anything like ours, we’d guess a fair bit of that is coming from the surplus of festive alcohol.

With the damage that this increase in food and alcohol and lack of activity is likely to have on your waistline, it’s likely that you’ll feel more sluggish and tired than usual – a general symptom of the change in seasons, sadly, but one that’s likely to be intensified by the change in weather, diet and exercise regime.

Here’s what your favourite tipple means, calorie-wise. Sorry to be a fun sponge. Maybe go for a run before the pub?

A glass of mulled wine (175ml) - 134 kcals

A snowball (115ml) - 112 kcals

Eggnog (100ml) – 88 kcals

A pint of beer – 200 kcals

A pint of cider – 210 kcals

A glass of red wine (large) – 180 kcals

A glass of white wine (large) - 180 kcals

A double Vodka lime and soda - 110 kcals

A gin and slimline tonic (premixed can) - 110kcals

Students can sign up for a free taster class with British Military Fitness here.

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