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Fed up? Today is the day you're most likely to quit uni

12th November 2014

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If you’re feeling a bit unhappy with your lot, you might have dodged a bullet by not dropping out of university today.

12th November, from now on known as Uni Defection Day, is statistically the most likely time for students to pack it all in for a life, we imagine, of freedom and dole queues (or maybe a much more fulfilling experience elsewhere.)

The research, by New College of the Humanities, has found that this humble Wednesday eight and a half weeks into the year is the most likely day this year for students to quit university – and that whilst 61% of students expect to feel “very satisfied” with their course, only 29% actually are.

The survey of 500 freshers has also revealed the fairly depressing news that 58% per cent of students don’t believe their degree represents good value for money, 48% are disappointed by the lack of face-to-face contact time with lecturers, and 40% regret their choice of university.

More than 26,000 students dropped out of university in the last academic year, according to statistics from the Higher Education Standards Association.

It seems that students who do decide to drop out stick around longest if they’re at a university in the West Midlands or Scotland – students in these areas drop out after 11 and a half and 11 weeks respectively.

In East Anglia, students who drop out tend to do so much more quickly – at universities in this part of the country defecting/quitting students last an average of just one month.

Jane Phelps, Director of Admissions at New College of the Humanities, believes that students drop out because they aren’t fully aware of what they’re paying for and whether their chosen university can fulfil their requirements.

She says: “If students value one-to-one contact time with lecturers, a rigorous study programme with lots of assignments and small class sizes where they can avoid becoming lost in the crowd, then they need to ensure they choose an institution that will both meet and exceed those expectations.”

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