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81% of people think a dance degree isn't worth it

14th October 2014

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Only 19% of people in the UK think a dance degree is worth the money, according to a survey.

Despite the fact that 81% of people don’t believe in the long-term success of those with degrees in dance, the survey also revealed that, out of 130 dance or performing arts graduates questioned, only 15 were currently unemployed.

Out of the remaining 115, 59 stated they were in a career related to their degree, whilst 57 were employed, but not in a career related to what they studied.

The survey was carried out by Dance Direct, in a bid to uncover UK perceptions of students pursuing a career in the extremely competitive dance industry.

It also found that 55% of the UK population think that it’s harder to get a job in a performing arts discipline, rather than a more traditional area such as business, teaching or scientific studies.

43% also believe that a dance career would burn out whilst the person is in their thirties.

Coming alongside a context of increased tuition fees and debate over the value of university education vs. on the job training, the survey results are likely to add fuel to the arguments of those opposed to so-called ‘easy’ degree options.

Maybe unsurprisingly, it appears that the younger you are, the higher your opinion of dance and performing arts degrees.

Whilst 38% of 18-24 year olds see this type of degree as valuable as a theoretical subject, just 15% of 55+ year olds agree – highlighting a clear disparity in the opinions of recent graduates compared to those of their parents’ and grandparents’ generation.

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