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Venomous snakes on the loose at Cambridge University

27th June 2014

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It’s the stuff of nightmares – leaving for lectures in the morning and being unexpectedly greeted by a load of venomous snakes outside your front door.

And although it might seem unexpected in the middle of a city, this is something that Cambridge University students are going to have to deal with - after an influx of snakes appeared in their college grounds.  

A number of snakes, including venomous adders, have been spotted in the grounds of Robinson College on Grange Road, close to the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, according to Cambridge News.

Now, Robinson students have been told that they need to treat the “visitors” with “respect.”

An email sent to students read: “Dear College Members and Staff. There have been several sightings of snakes probably including adders around the wildlife areas of the college... The advice from the Forestry Commission, which is also our recommendation, is to treat adders (and other snakes) with respect and leave them alone.”

Snake and reptile expert Phil Barber has also warned students to stay away from the snakes, and has advised that, whilst adders’ venom is not dangerous, anyone who gets bitten should seek medical advice immediately in case they have an allergic reaction.

Adders have the most well developed biting mechanism of any snake – but are not aggressive and are unlikely to bite unless they are trodden on, which we’re sure will ease Cambridge students’ minds completely... or maybe not.  


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