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Bear cub brought in to relax stressed students attacks them and causes rabies scare

6th May 2014

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First we had puppy rooms, where students gearing up for their final exams could go along and relax whilst playing with tiny Labradors and Golden Retrievers.

We thought that this was a very good idea - and probably the most that animals should be allowed to get involved in pre-exam preparation.

One university in the good old USA (where else?) has of course taken it too far, though.

At Washington University in St. Louis, there were no puppies to give to students who needed a bit of fluffy cuteness in order to chill out.

Instead, university top bods decided it would be a good idea to bring in a bear cub.

Two-month old bear cub Boo Boo, unfortunately, didn’t enjoy his trip to campus too much – as was made clear when he launched an attack on “at least 18” of the gathered students.

The “attack” consisted of biting or scratching the students, according to university spokeswoman Susan Killenberg McGinn.

We can’t say we blame him, in all honesty.

Post-attack there was a rumour that Boo Boo, who had been brought in by a St. Louis petting zoo, would have to be euthanised in order to check that he didn’t have rabies – but luckily this wasn’t necessary, and no students needed treatment.

The university released a statement on Friday afternoon that stated they were “very pleased that this unfortunate situation has come to the best possible conclusion for everyone involved — our students, our community, and the bear cub.”

Still, what an excellent way to ease your students’ worries pre-exam time – by potentially infecting them with rabies.

Well done, Washington University. Well done very much.

(The bear cub pictured is not actually Boo Boo, who we hope has spent the weekend safely back at the petting zoo, recovering from his ordeal.)

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