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About to graduate? You'll earn 11% less than in 2009, says research

15th April 2014

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It’s bad news for those about to leave university and embark on the journey into paid employment – graduate salaries decreased by 11% in the five years to 2012, according to the Complete University Guide.

In 2012 graduate starting salaries in “professional posts” averaged £21,702, according to the research – 11% less than in 2007.

In 2007, the average salary was £24,293.

There’s no sign that things have improved in the two years since 2012, either.

According to the BBC, the research, “based on official statistics, shows that this decline is continuing and perhaps increasing.”

Despite their worth medical graduates are amongst the hardest hit, with a massive 15% reduction in starting salaries since 2007, whilst dentistry graduates have taken a 9% hit.

The BBC is also suggesting that graduates with degrees in African or Middle Eastern Studies might earn 25% less than they would have in 2007. That’s right – 25% less.

This is of course with degrees at many UK universities now costing £9,000 per year, and the cost of living continually rising.

So, is there any good news?

Well, yes – if you happen to have a degree in materials technology or, erm, librarianship.

Graduates with one of these fairly niche degrees earned 13% and 3% more respectively than in 2007.  

So, maybe it’s time to dust off those glasses and whip your hair into an extremely tight bun – a career in librarianship, here we come...

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