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Which uni students have the most sexual partners?

14th February 2014

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It’s something that we get asked all the time – which university has the most promiscuous students? How much sex really goes on at uni? Essentially – where am I most likely to get laid?

Various studies have suggested that the answer might be Leeds, or Roehampton, or Bangor (ahem).

Today another we have another winner to welcome into the university sex survey party – and it’s not one we’ve seen featured much before.

Today’s winner is Oxford Brookes, where students have had on average 14 sexual partners, according to The Tab.

The survey put Plymouth (11.5) and Liverpool (10.8) in second and third place respectively.

Also in the top five were Leeds (10.7) and Northumbria (10.6).

Languishing at the (almost) sexless bottom of the table are Queen’s Belfast (3.2), Birmingham (5.3) and Cambridge (6.4).

The survey, which questioned 12,708 students at 36 universities, also found that the average male student has slept with ten people, whist for females the number is 7.7.

Apparently 20% of girls lie about how many people they’ve had sex with, saying it’s less than it actually is, whilst 12% of male students bump the number up. No surprise there...

And then it got vaguely kinky, revealing that 31% of students have had anal sex, and 25% have sampled the delights of bondage.  

Also, 13% have walked in on their parents going at it. Thanks for sharing that.

So, Oxford Brookes - may you continue your reign at the top of the sex table this Valentine’s evening. Congrats!

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