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Meet the student who is living a 'Pot Noodle branded life'

6th December 2013

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Earlier this year everyone’s favourite budget carb supplier set out to find a student who loved the instant noodle goodness so much that they’d be willing to pretty much hand over their life to Pot Noodle for one year.

John Moore is this student, and he’s now begun his ‘Pot Noodle branded life’ – wearing Pot Noodle socks, sleeping in Pot Noodle sheets, being the go-to person for ‘noodle-based fun’ within the University of London... and so on.

We had a conversation with the newly titled ‘Pot Noodle Scholar’ about his noodle-branded ‘epic’ life.

Obviously you’re feeling quite pleased to be a brand ambassador for Pot Noodle...

Yeah I’m pretty happy about it – it’s something that I applied to do. I like the brand, I think the brand has got a good, cheeky ethos to it, and I thought I could work with that quite well. And it fits kind of nicely into the student environment as well.

It does. Although some might argue that Super Noodles have got more of a handle on the student market than Pot Noodles. What would you say about that?

I haven’t seen a proliferation of Super Noodles about.

Haven’t you?

No. I haven’t. I don’t think it is.

Are you hoping to heavily influence the national student diet and conversation regarding Pot Noodles?

Yes. I’m sure I’ll have a big impact, especially here, in London. There will be a lot of activity going about, and it’ll certainly kind of... yeah. Building up the conversation, raising the profile. People will definitely be talking about it.

You’re at SOAS, University of London. What year are you in, and what do you study?

I’m doing a one year masters in development and Central Asia.

And what are you getting out of the competition? They’re paying part of your fees...

I’m kind of getting three things out of it. Firstly they’re paying all of my fees (£9,000). The idea is that it’s a scholarship; student rates have gone up, times are hard, and they were looking to give out a scholarship to fully fund someone for one year.

What kind of things are you going to be doing for them on campus?

We’re having a big party. They’re basically backing me, and funding me to have a massive (they’ve termed it “epic”) party within the University of London, and that’s going down next week. So that’s the first big event, where there will be a lot of students brought into that and there will be, kind of, lots of noodle-related fun and games.

Noodle-related fun?


What kind of noodle-related fun?

Ah, well you’ll have to come to the party and find out. As will your readers.

Where is it?

At the University of London Union. The Union, in the university.

This role is going to turn you into a “campus legend.” What are you planning on doing to give yourself this honour?

I plan to consolidate my position as a campus legend.

Consolidate it?

Yes, firstly by running this epic party next week, which will round off the first term and also celebrate my appointment in the role. That will be quite a big deal. Then we have other things coming up next year, which will include fun and games around the brand and around Pot Noodle.

What is your favourite flavour of Pot Noodle?

I’m into the Bombay Bad Boy. Have you tried it?

I haven’t tried it. I’ve got a challenge for you. Can you name ten different flavours of Pot Noodle?

I don’t think there are currently...

Ok, five then.

Erm. Erm, yeah...

I’m not the Pot Noodle brand ambassador, but I could possibly name five...

Chicken and Mushroom. Bombay Bad Boy. Erm... Piri Piri?

Are you Googling it?

No, I’m in a park! Listen to the leaves rustle (rustles leaves.) That’s the rustling leaves of the park, so there you go.

I believe you.

Ok, three. Bombay Bad Boy, Jamaican... chicken...

Jamaican is a type of Pot Noodle?

Yes it is; it was a special edition. Obviously Chicken and Mushroom.

You said Chicken and Mushroom. A few times...

Yeah. What have we got left?

One more...

(There proceeds a long, LONG silence.)

Shall we move on?

Yes! Let’s move on.

Do you think you might get sick of Pot Noodles by the end of this year?

Err... no, I don’t.

Definitely not?

Definitely not. No. Noodles are very versatile...

So, are you allowed to cook Pot Noodles with other things? If it’s a very versatile dish.

You can mix them with other food as well.

Would that not be considered cheating?

I often break an egg into my Pot Noodles.

That’s innovative.

And it sticks with the theme of a fast snack. You can effectively poach an egg in a Pot Noodle. It takes no longer than your normal Pot Noodle meal.

That’s not something I’ve heard of people doing before. What is your favourite thing to eat when you’re not eating Pot Noodles, or eggs that you’ve poached within a Pot Noodle?

Erm... (SO MUCH SILENCE) other food than Pot Noodle? Just Pot Noodle, on the brain.

On the brain, yeah. There is no other food for me really now, other than Pot Noodles. What else do you need, if you’ve got an egg as well?

Well, I don’t know. It’s one of life’s big questions. What do you need, other than one egg and a Pot Noodle?

Only water is the answer to that.

You’re living a “Pot Noodle branded life...”


Do you ever get time off from being the face of budget noodles?

No, it’s a 24-hour role. I live, breathe and sleep noodle.

And eat.


You said it’s going to change your life. Any other ways that it’s going to make a profound difference to your life, personally?

The money obviously is a big deal because I can obviously not have to be in massive debt or work part time. Being part of the brand makes a big difference.

You could say you are working part time, as a brand ambassador for Pot Noodle. Do you see it as a job?

That depends how you define work, really. There are things that I am doing for Pot Noodle but they’re kind of fun things, like holding a party, which I would probably be doing anyway. Just on a bigger stage. No, I don’t consider it a job. It’s a labour of love.

It’s a good job, because with unpaid internships and people working for below the living wage, we worked out that based on your pay you are working for around 97p per hour.


So it’s a good thing that you don’t see it as a job! All the Pot Noodle branded items that you have - Pot Noodle branded bus pass holders, quilt covers – does that make up for it?

It more than makes up for it.

Maybe you’ll save money through all the things you’ve been given?

It’s mainly all about a love for the brand.

Why did you decide to make an entry video with an apocalyptic theme?

I guess obviously being interested in the brand, I wanted to test or hypothesise how I would react if there was only one Pot Noodle left in the world.

Luckily that hasn’t come true...

Not yet.

Not yet?

But we now have a vision of where the future might lie.

Are you suggesting that part of your branding work for Pot Noodle is going to cause all Pot Noodles to disappear...?

That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying that now we can now see what the future might be like if we’re in such a desperate and difficult position.

It would be a difficult position. Especially if you didn’t make it to Tower Bridge in time to save the last Pot Noodle.

I’m glad to hear that you’ve seen the video.

How has your new status as this Pot Noodle god been received amongst friends?

Massively positively. People are already aware of the brand. It’s a fun, cheeky thing. People are really keen to come over and celebrate with me.

Do you genuinely love Pot Noodle and did so before this competition, or is it in fact an act in order to get your tuition fees paid?

No, it’s not an act. I genuinely do and always have loved Pot Noodle.

Good. Just one more question: do you feel in any way like a corporate puppet?

Erm. No.


I feel like a Pot Noodle.

You feel like a Pot Noodle. Ok. Well, maybe we’ll see you at your party.

Yes, come down. Thanks.

Bye John!

John's Pot Noodle party will take place at the University of London Union next week.

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