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Is social media about to kill your long distance relationship?

6th December 2013

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Ending your relationship because of something that has been said on Facebook might seem a little bit Jeremy Kyle for most of us – but it turns out that breaking up as a result of social media is more common than we might expect.

A survey has revealed that 36% of couples feel that Facebook played a part in the break-up of their long distance relationship, whilst 10% said that twitter was a factor.

20% said that the relationship broke up because one person cheated and some found out through pictures being posted on Facebook.

Not wise, people.

The study, carried out by relationships charity OnePlusOne and The Student Room, does present some good news for those that are trying to make the long distance thing work, though – long distance relationships are apparently just as likely to work out as those where couples are geographically close. 

Also, just over 90% of students do not think it is ok to have sex with another person whilst living miles apart.

75% of students use social media and photos to maintain intimacy, making Facebook and Twitter an integral part of long distance relationships, and 85% of students in long distance relationships text or WhatsApp at least once per day.

When they’re feeling the need to heat things up 44% turn to sexting, sending intimate pictures or having a ‘naughty’ Skype chat.

Hannah Green from OnePlusOne said:“There are a number of factors that contribute to making a relationship work, regardless of physical distance. Whilst social media has opened up more ways to stay in touch, it cannot replace more personal forms of communication, which can demonstrate love and trust of your partner.

“It is often the small gestures that matter, such as a text to say ‘I love you’. Studies have shown that couples in long distance relationships who meet face-to-face at least once a month are more likely to last and be happy.”

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