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London students work hardest, says survey

27th November 2013

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Students in London work “significantly harder” than those at universities elsewhere, according to new research.

BlikBook, an online engagement platform for students and lecturers, found that London students spend around three times as much time discussing their studies on the site than those at other universities.

London students are also much more likely to be found examining BlikBook study materials during traditional “down times”, such as dinner time and in the middle of the night.

BlikBook is an online engagement platform which offers students and their university lecturers a time-efficient way of discussing their studies online. Lecturers and fellow students respond to questions and the answers are logged and stored in a structured way, so that other students can easily find them.

Using data from the 2012/2013 academic year, BlikBook analysed the usage patterns of more than 4,000 students on 122 courses across 29 universities in the UK.

Students based in London use BlikBook for 348 minutes per week on average, while non-London students average 120 minutes per week. While students at London universities average 116 minutes per visit to the site, students at non-London universities spend an average of 50 minutes per visit.

Students at London universities are almost 25% more likely to use BlikBook between the hours of 11pm and 6am, compared to other universities across the UK. At University College London (UCL), between 1am and 2am is one of the busiest times. London students are also nearly 50% more likely to use BlikBook between 6pm and 8pm on weekdays.

Barnaby Voss, co-founder of BlikBook, said: “The data indicates that students at London-based universities are the most hard-working and committed to their studies, as they are spending the most time interacting with lecturers and extra study materials on BlikBook. London students are also the most likely to be using BlikBook to study when other students are likely to be eating dinner or sleeping.

“We think this may be because in London they are immersed in a hard-driven, competitive environment, and the students recognise that hard work and good results are necessary to them getting high-status jobs.”

Data from students using BlikBook at 29 universities was analysed – including the London School of Economics and Political Science, University College London, Aberdeen, Newcastle University, the University of Manchester and the University of Leeds.

What do you think? Do students in London really work harder than those in other cities? Let us know your thoughts…

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