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Student life - all sex, drugs, rock and... mould?


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So it’s two or three weeks into your first term, and you’re probably feeling the effects of ‘Freshers’ Flu’ already. But a recent study from de-humidifier firm Meaco has proven that your drinking habits may not in fact be the cause. So grab a pint and learn the real reasons behind the common student illnesses. 

Mould – who knew?

It’s only when you go back to your parents’ that you notice how much your clothes and belongings have started to smell... even grow mould.

You are not alone. An Facebook survey carried out this month on 306 university students across the UK has found that the extent of problems caused by mould and damp in student flats and houses:

  • Health implications in 61% of students - common colds, asthma symptoms worsened, irritations of the eye, nose and throat, sinus congestion, other respiratory problems, headaches, allergies and tonsillitis.
  • Damage to goods due to mould - clothing, books, papers, curtains, mattresses, paintwork and carpets.
  • Depressing living conditions - a house which feels damp and cold all the time, bad condensation on windows, a musty, unpleasant smell and mouldy walls.
Fighting back against the mould

Mould is caused by inadequate heating, ventilation and the effects of drying clothes in cramped accommodation. It reads like a checklist for student living - so, can you do anything, or do you just have to accept it and make peace with the mould?

It seems that landlords are either unwilling or unable to help. 66% of respondents found their landlord ignored their calls for help. Of those that did offer help, 62% had little or no effect.

The only solution is to remove the moisture from the air using a dehumidifier. Not only could these keep the mould off your stuff and keep you healthy, but let’s face it, mouldy walls are not a good look if you want to bring back a ‘friend’.

With models available from £21-£180, a dehumidifier may be another cost you just can’t afford. That's why Meaco is running a competition with the chance of winning a DD81 mini de-humidifier worth £179.99.

Follow Meaco on Facebook and Twitter for more information on the competition.

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