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Lasagne sandwich and chicken nugget pizza: The worst 'homemade' student meals revealed

16th September 2013

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What’s the most disastrous home-cooked meal you’ve ever had? Soggy fish and chips or a burnt Sunday roast, maybe?

Whatever your biggest culinary fails, we bet they have nothing compared to those cooked up by nutrition-shy students, the details of which were revealed on Friday by Panasonic.   

With no more home-cooked meals by mum, it seems British students are leaning on take away and processed foods to avoid cooking for themselves - 77% admit that their dinner usually consists of processed foods including take away and ready meals.  

And when they do step into the kitchen, the results are unlikely to have Masterchef contestants quaking in their boots.  

The unhealthiest recipes revealed by students in the Panasonic Microwave research include:

•             Chicken nugget pizza: replace a dough base with chicken nuggets, top with garlic butter and cheese and serve with a side of nachos and chips

•             Lasagne on toast: take leftover lasagne and place between two slices of toast for the ultimate sandwich

•             BBQ Pasta: pasta, mixed with cheese and BBQ sauce

•             Yorkshire and chips: chips, Yorkshire pudding and gravy

•             Egg and chip butty: fried egg, chips in a sandwich

•             Noodles on toast: instant noodles on buttered toasted white bread

•             Ultimate breakfast butty: eggy bread, sausages, bacon, chicken, melted cheese, fried onions, fried mushrooms, and a fried egg

Yes, you read that correctly – chicken nugget pizza. With garlic sauce. And nachos. And chips.

17% of students also skip breakfast regularly, and 25% eat processed food, such as noodles and ready meals, for lunch.

Despite the recommended daily allowance of fruit and vegetables being five-a-day, the average student only manages to consume seven a week, a fifth of their weekly requirement.

British students appear to know they are leading an unhealthy lifestyle, with females admitting to consuming an average of 2,564 calories a day and males claiming 2,976 a day.

Laziness seems the top excuse with 50% claiming they don’t cook from scratch because it takes too long and 40% claiming it is too expensive.

TV nutritionist Amanda Hamilton, whose step-daughter starts university this month, said: “Students seem fully aware that they are not eating the right sort of foods and that they are eating too many calories. They might be living for the now and worrying about their diets later, but if they continue consuming food in this way they are likely to fall prey to the ‘Freshman 15’ - the expression given to the 15lbs of weight gain thought to be typical of first year university students, as well as storing up more serious health problems for the future.”

For some nutritious recipes that won’t cause your waistline to expand beyond all recognisable proportions, check out our foodie pages here.

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