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One quarter of students lie their way into university, says survey


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In 2010 there were claims that an Oxford student had made up his A-Level grades in order to get into the prestigious university.

But now the Tab has revealed that over one quarter of 1,500 students asked have lied their way to get into university.

27% have lied about the books they have read, according to the survey, while a fifth have told lies about extra curricular activities and hobbies.

One lie that was mentioned was about a gap year: “I planned to do lots of work experience and charity work. But I spent it watching Gilmore Girls and eating,” admitted the respondee.

Another was “I said I could play the piano until Grade 7 and the flute until Grade 8. I have never touched them.”

Another person claimed she was in the school swim team, when in fact she can’t even swim.

The biggest lie the Tab mentioned was a student who claimed he could read the New Testament in Greek and managed to get out of through the skin of his teeth.

“I got interviewed by the University New Testament Greek coordinator," he said. "Somehow she didn’t ask me anything about it. Thank the Lord.”

This is not the first time that the news has reported about this. In 2009 it was reported that many students were lying about their family backgrounds so that it would meet their social engineering criteria. In this case some people have claimed they were brought up in a care home, that their parents did not go to university or that they went to summer school.

The biggest case however was US student Adam Wheeler in 2010, when he had forged letters of recommendation and plagiarized essays in order to get into Harvard University.

A spokesperson for UCAS said: “Institutions may follow up aspects of a personal statement, and are likely to explore the claims made in a personal statement if there is an interview requirement for the course. It is important that all aspects of a personal statement represent a truthful account of the applicants’ experience and situation. Any incorrect information supplied may invalidate any offers made.”

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