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Students spend more on cosmetics than full-time workers


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Statistics have given the stereotypical image of the 'poor student' a makeover - makeup is more important to them than any other group of British women questioned.

In a survey by YouGov on behalf of Debenhams, 15% of full-time female students revealed they spend £30 or more a month on makeup for themselves - a figure 11% higher than that for both full and part-time female workers combined, with just 4% of this demographic splashing out £30 or more on makeup a month.

While just 5% of all the workers surveyed said they regard keeping up with current makeup trends and products as important when deciding which products to buy, 14% of students did.   

The figures indicate that the popular stereotype of the deprived student isn’t applicable when it comes to cosmetics. However, it could be argued that their interest in keeping up with catwalk looks may be compensated by cutbacks elsewhere in their lifestyles.

The volume of cosmetics bought by students was distinctly above average for all the women surveyed, with 70% holding the price of products in higher esteem than other factors such as quality (67%) and brand reputation (33%) – possibly implying they prefer to get multiple items for their spend.

That's not to say students are indifferent to quality when it comes to every item in their makeup bags: 54% of students said they would be willing to splash out on a foundation while just 9% said they wouldn’t purchase any of the staple products listed.

Sarah Stern, Beauty Director at Debenhams, said: "We're all familiar with the old image of students living off noodles and barely scraping by, but whether or not respondents from this group would consider themselves low on cash, it seems looking good - and on-trend - is something worth spending money on." 

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