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York alumnus to 'take university to court over race claims'

19th June 2013

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A former student from the University of York has claimed she was ‘institutionally victimised’ because of her race.

The student, who did not want to be named, now plans to take the university and the Office of Independent Adjudicators of Higher Education, who initially ruled against her, to court on grounds of causing "impaired education and mental illness," according to York Vision.

The student spent three years studying Law at the university during which time she wrote a journal chronicling her fears for her safety.

“If I get hurt/go missing like Stephen Lawrence did don’t say I didn’t warn you,” she wrote.

The Law department initially allocated the student a two week deadline extension due to her mitigating circumstances but she felt this was not an appropriate measure for her problems.

At the time she wrote: “I will sit my exams, if I don’t jump into a river by then.

“I do not believe that a two week mitigating circumstances extension is proportionate to the effects of the illness. The depression made it almost impossible to get through my daily life.”

The student in question is now set to pursue her claims at the High Court.

She told York Vision, the student newspaper: “Racism on campus is not going anywhere soon, despite the trendiness of protesting against the EDL, and student mental issues are under reported and under-diagnosed.

“The university quoted my wording out of context in the Higher Education case, my harassers at the university were never interviewed, and they created a fictitious persona of me with actions and beliefs that they then criticised.

“I am no longer the person I used to be, and never will be. I used to believe in God, university has made me hate God. There are some demonic people in the world, I have met many of them at university.

“In short, I paid over £9,660 to be subjected to cumulative harassment.”

Despite these accusations it appears the student has not yet entered a legal battle.

The University said it “has not been informed of any threat of legal action by a former student. However, any individual who is unhappy with the outcome of a complaint considered by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator has the option of taking legal action."


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