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What Example did next

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Example Twitter Display Pic

Since our story on Example abusing Southampton students on Twitter, a lot has happened.

The star has made a sort of apology, contacted us to clear his name and called someone a 'salad' - here's what has happened in the last 48 hours.

Our piece (the most read on the site right now and one that has caught the attention of other media outlets) and the increased number of negative comments towards his Southampton Graduation Ball cancellation caught the attention of Example himself.

He got in touch via Twitter to offer us an interview to defend himself. Obviously we jumped at the chance. But yesterday, Example pulled the interview saying he had been 'advised' not to do it.

Example Interview Convo

But he did 'explain' the situation in a statement on Facebook: 

Example FB Statement

Regardless of the reasons behind the cancellation Example as a 'real person' doesn't feel that his behaviour on social media following the event needs an apology. Even when he posted this kind of update:

MCAT studentsLazy Students

It wasn't just us who noticed Examples Twitter tirade. Radio One DJ Scott Mills (who performed at University of Southampton’s Graduation Ball on Monday) on his show on Tuesday. The DJ exclaimed that ‘Example is a massive lol on Twitter right now’ in reference to his reactions to tweets from students, particularly highlighting his insult of ‘You salad!’ which is used quite frequently by the star. 

You Salad

So, Example has been advised not to follow though with an interview (which given his previous form in the matter is probably for the best), but we hope all of your questions and concerns have been answered in his somewhat, passive aggressive, Facebook status. 

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